Watford County Qualifier Open Meet


19 - 20 Nov 2022


Woodside Leisure Centre
Horseshoe Lane, WATFORD, Hertfordshire

Closing Date



Level 3

Cost per event

£7.50 per individual event and £9.50 for the 400m Freestyle and 400 IM
  • Saturday Warm up: Session One: 1.00pm - Session Two: TBA
  • Sunday Warm up: Session One: 9.00am - Session Two: TBA - Session Three: TBA
  • Age at : 31ST DECEMBER 2022
  • Age Group : 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16+
  • How to enter this meet: https://www.harrowswim.club/how-to-enter-swimming-meet/
Programme of Events                                       Qualifying Times
Watford SC – Harrow SC accepted entries



1) The Promoter of this Meet is Suzy Harper on behalf of Watford Swimming Club

2) Watford Swimming Club is affiliated to Swim England Herts and Swim England East Region

3) This Meet shall be subject to Swim England Laws, Swim England Technical Rules of Swimming and to these criteria.

4) Entries to this meet will be accepted on a first come first served basis

5) All Swimmers must be Swim England registered. (Category 2 – Club Compete) of an affiliated club, eligible to compete and registered in accordance with Swim England Laws and Technical Rules, and may enter in the name of one club only. Entries will only be accepted from competitors registered as members of Swim England, SASA or WASA or competitors from a country affiliated to FINA. This is

a level 3 Meet.

6) The pool length is 25m. 8 lanes and AOE will be used. A secondary strobe for the starting system is not available.

7) Age groups for boys and girls are single banded age groups from: 10 yrs –15yrs and 16yrs & over

8) There will be awards for the top three in each age group in each event.

9) Age as at 31st December 2022.

10) Swimmers need to be 10 or over by 31st December 2022 to be able to compete in line with Swim England rules (11 as at 31st December 2022 for 400 IM)

11) Heats will be swum with all ages combined and seeded on submitted times.

12) Over the top starts may be used at the Referee’s discretion.

13) Those swimmers in possession of a Swim England Certificate of Swimming Disability or those swimmers whose membership details record a disability Sport Class are welcome to enter the competition with a time slower than the lower limit standard. An entry time must be provided.

14) Once an entry has been accepted a competitor shall swim or give notice of withdrawal. Notice of withdrawals from a club shall be reported to the recorders at least 45 minutes before the start of the session.

15) Any swimmer not present when required to swim will incur a £10 penalty. In the event of a competitor not paying the penalty, the Club in whose name the competitor has entered the competition shall be responsible for payment.

16) All swimmers should be supervised by their coaches/team managers during warm up and whilst on poolside. Coaches and team managers are responsible for the behaviour of their swimmers at all times.

17) No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to clothing or other articles.

18) Swimmers will only be permitted to enter the gallery or cafe if they are appropriately dressed including footwear.

19) Only swimmers, officials, Watford SC ‘helpers’ and Team Managers/ Coaches accredited with coaches passes will be allowed poolside

20) Results will be posted during the meet on meet mobile and will be supplied to British Swimming for entry into the national rankings database and on the Watford Swimming Club website after the event.

21) All participants must observe the safety precautions in operation at Woodside Leisure Centre. Neither the Promoter nor Watford Swimming Club will be responsible for any loss or damage occurring during the meet.

22) In accordance with the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures any parents or carers of swimmers under the age of 18 who wish to take photographic or video images are requested to focus on their own child as much as reasonably possible and to avoid including other children in those images, particularly if those images are being shared with family and friends through social media platforms. Should you have any concerns about photography or filming at this event then please bring them to the attention of Lorraine Reader (Club Welfare Officer) or Suzy Harper (Meet Promoter).

Participants and spectators are requested to follow the Swim England guidelines for photography and use of photographs on social media. The Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy and

Procedures, Wavepower 2020-23 Section 2 provides guidance on the use of social networking (page 92-95) and guidance on photography (page 86–87) https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/wavepowerchild- safeguarding-for-clubs/ . Both sets of guidance apply if social media platforms are being used to share images or recordings either after the meet or during live streaming of the event. These policies will be rigorously enforced and any person found to be contravening them will be asked to leave the gala without refund.


23) Valid entries will be accepted in order of receipt, that is, first come first served.

24) For an entry to be valid it must appear on British rankings (including Level X), checks on times submitted will be made. If a time is found to be invalid for a swim, then it will be rejected and no refund will be given

25) If the number of entries received for the meet becomes untenable, the promoter reserves the right to limit the number of entries accepted. Deletions / scratches made will be based on the first come first served basis.

26) “No Time” (NT) entries are not allowed

27) We will accept long course times provided that they are converted to short course times when entered into Hytek and are drawn from British rankings.

28) The promoter reserves the right to limit the 400m Freestyle to 4 heats for Males and 4 heats for Females. There will be a reserve list of the EIGHT fastest swimmers for boys and for girls should any swimmer pull out or not turn up on the day.

29) The promoter reserves the right to limit the 400m IM to 2 heats for Males and 2 heats for Females. There will be a reserve list of the EIGHT fastest swimmers for boys and for girls should any swimmer pull out or not turn up on the day.

30) The entry fee is £7.50 per individual event except the 400s and £9.50 for the 400m Freestyle and 400 IM. All club entries with over 5 swimmers must be via Hy Tek software.

31) Time Trials will be considered by email in the week preceding the meet at the Promoters discretion if there are spaces available to fill lanes at the cost of £8 per time trial (£10 for 400 events). Entrants for time trials must comply with the original entry conditions.

32) Any enquiries please contact Suzy Harper at wscnovopenmeet@virginmedia.com

33) Any individual entries must include a £3 administration charge per swimmer.

34) Confirmation of entries will be sent to clubs.

35) Entries to this meet will be held on a computer and consent, as required by Data Protection Act 1998 (as Amended) and GDPR compliance which came in force in the UK on the 25th May 2018 will be deemed to have been given by submission of entry. In order to run this meet successfully we require certain personal data for the purposes of making entries to the competition, managing the meet and the submission of results to rankings. Consent to process such personal data is deemed

to have been given by the submission of the entry. Where personal data of competitors, officials and coaches / Team Managers has been passed to us by a swim club rather than by the individual themselves, we rely on the swim club providing the data to ensure that consent has been obtained. If required, the swim club should be able to provide evidence to us that such consent has been given. The data provided will be published in the meet programme and online and will include the swimmers name, date of birth, gender and qualification times and results. The data obtained to run this meet will be held electronically by the club for 12 months and in paper copy for 3 months following the completion of the meet.

36) Any matter not covered by these Meet conditions will be determined by the Promoter and Referee, subject to Swim England laws, Regulations and the Swim England technical Rules of racing.


Daniel Andrawos

Lead Coach

Daniel Andrawos

The event is finished.

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