Any event entered without entry time will not be processed.
  • Total: £0.00



MEET DATE: Sunday 16 July 2023


8. The entry fee is £8.00 per event. Payment should be made via online payment.
9. Programmes will ONLY be available to download from www.harrowswim.com no earlier than 13/7/2023. There
will be no charge for spectator entry.
10. The closing date for entries is Midnight Friday 30th June 2023 or sooner if the meet capacity is reached.
(The organisers would be grateful if clubs are able to send in entries prior to this date.)
11. This meet is First Come First Served Entry. If oversubscribed, entries submitted last will be rejected.
12. Club Entries must be made electronically using the Hy-Tek Team Manager file which should be requested
from Dominique Ford at events@harrowswim.com
13. Send your completed entry file and Summary Sheet to events@harrowswim.com
14. The promoter reserves the right to limit the number of entries if necessary to allow the Meet to be run in
the allotted pool time.
15. Any entry not accepted due to oversubscription will be refunded in full. Where swimmers have tested
positive to COVID or have been contacted to self-isolate, a full refund will be given if proof of a positive test
result can be shown or proof that they have been contacted by Track & Trace. Full refund will be given
should there be a government imposed lockdown. NO OTHER MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED.
16. Lists of individual accepted / rejected entries will be sent to clubs.
17. No swimmer should have swum faster than the times stated.
18. Time Trials may be accepted on the day of the meet only if there are spaces available to fill lanes at a cost of
£8.50 per time trial. These can only be taken from swimmers already registered on the day. There are no
awards for Time Trials, but times will be submitted to Rankings for Swim England Registration.
19. Clubs entering more than 12 swimmers are requested to supply 1 qualified official (or J1 in Training) (2
officials (or J1 in Training) if more than 20 swimmers).
20. Coaches Passes are available at a cost of £15. This will entitle the holder to admission to all sessions, a
programme, session start lists and food and refreshments between sessions, in addition to poolside access.
21. There will be no entry poolside without a coaches pass and passes must be worn at all times. Coaches and
Team Managers should be club trained personnel and registered members of Swim England.

22. This is a cardless meet. Entries will be pre seeded before the meet. Withdrawal information should be
forwarded to events@harrowswim.com at the earliest opportunity, or to the administrator on the day prior
to warm up.
23. The promoter reserves the right to amend the session times and limit entries to ensure the meet runs

24. All swimmers must observe the pool and Swim England Safety Rules. The Depth of the water at the Shallow
end of the Main Pool is 1 metre (End where the timing display board is). The Deep End of Main pool is 1.8
Meters Deep (starting block end) The starting blocks are 72cm above the level of the water. Only those
swimmers who have reached the standard of the Swim England Preliminary Competitive Start Award are
permitted to start with a shallow racing dive from the side of the pool. Swimmers who have not reached this
standard must start in the water.
25. Swimmers must not go into the main foyer without drying down and wearing the suitable clothes and
footwear. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the meet.

26. Spectator seating is available but there is limited capacity and space cannot be guaranteed. There is parking
on site but capacity can be limited and not guaranteed.
27. A copy of the result sheets will be provided to clubs at the end of the gala and will be available from our
website as soon as possible after the gala. Meet Mobile will be used but this can be impacted by poor
internet capacity at the venue.
28. Photographs/Videos are only permitted on registration with the promoter prior to the meet. Registration
details can be given upon entry to the meet.
29. Borough of Harrow SC reminds all those attending these meets (competitors, coaches, team managers,
spectators, officials, volunteers, contracted staff etc.) wishing to use cameras, video or digital image
capturing devices (including mobile phones) that they should only do so after reference to their obligations
and the recommendations laid down in Wavepower 2016-2019, the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy
& Procedures and other Swim England Photography guidance. Your adherence to the guidelines and
vigilance during the event will assist in our efforts to avoid the misuse of such equipment and the
images/videos produced. Flash photography is prohibited at all times. No imaging equipment is allowed to
be used in the changing rooms / poolside area.
30. In the circumstance that an infringement of the above clause is identified by meet officials and/or
volunteers, the Meet Administrator and or Promoter will apply an appropriate sanction adjudged to be
proportionate. This may include, but not be restricted to, the reporting of the person to their Club Welfare
Officer for breach of applicable code of conduct.
31. In the circumstance that an infringement of the above clause is identified by or reported to the facility
management, the Normal Operating Procedure of the facility will be applicable and will be fully supported by
Borough of Harrow SC.



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