Internal disputes can happen from time to time and need to be handled correctly from the outset. Disputes between committee members, parents and swimmers can usually be resolved amicably between the individuals concerned. Occasionally it may also be necessary to discipline swimmers for minor incidents of misbehavior and this can be done fairly by the Head Coach.

The committee understands that there will be occasions when both swimmers and their parents/carers may feel the need for a fuller explanation following the use of the discipline policy.
The committee asks that only the issuing coach or a committee member be approached over the matter and not other members of the coaching staff.
Occasionally a swimmer or parent/carer may be dissatisfied with the verbal explanation given regarding the incident and the use of the discipline policy by the coach. They then have the right to make use of the Club’s Grievance Procedure.
All parents and swimmers are reminded that if they approach a member of staff concerning a discipline matter they should do so in a polite and civil manner. Any aggressive or impolite behavior towards a staff member will not be tolerated.

For more serious disputes the following procedure will apply

This procedure is to be used where the club is approached following the use of the Poolside Discipline Policy and the swimmer or parent/carer is dissatisfied with the explanation given.

• Full details of the complaint from the swimmer or parent/carer should be put in writing and submitted to the committee within 7 days of the incident occurring.
• On receipt of this information the committee will appoint an independent investigator, (a member of the committee or coach unconnected with the incident or persons involved), who will have 14 days to provide a detailed written response to the swimmer or parent/carer.
• If, on receipt of this written explanation, the swimmer or parent/carer is still dissatisfied with the explanation they have a further 7 days with which to lodge a formal written complaint with the committee.
• On receipt of that complaint the Chairperson and Child Welfare Officer will consider if the matter requires a full discipline hearing. If this is the case then one will be arranged in accordance with Swim Englnd rules.
• If the Chairperson and Child Welfare Officer feel that the matter has been satisfactorily dealt with they will then provide a further written response to the swimmer or parent/carer within 10 days of the receipt of the letter. The response will detail why the Club feels the matter is at an end.

If the swimmer or parent/carer is dissatisfied with the final response from the club then they have the right to appeal to Swim England.



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