How to Enter Swimming Meets using your Club Organiser Account

The website holds all future Meets which the club is entering. This includes Meets which we run as well as open external Meets. Decisions as to which Meets to enter depends on the swimmer’s entry times. For most Meets, an entry time is required so it’s important to gain times at our Club Championships which can be used for later Meets. Coaches will also identify to their squads which Meets should be entered.

When entering a Meet, the races are split into sessions on one or more days. It’s important to identify which sessions and days the preferred races sit within as no refunds will be given if a race is missed due to that being on a day or session where the swimmer cannot attend.

Entries should be indicated and paid for via your club organiser account. In the first instance, go to the club website ( and check the Meet information. This gives details of the timings, races, schedule and cost of the races. In some cases, timings for the later sessions are not provided until after the deadline, but it would be easy to identify a rough start time. Once the deadline has passed, accepted entries and start times of all sessions are confirmed.

The Competition Section on the club website ( includes further information regarding Meets and click on Meets  in the menu to see what Meets are available

Click on the specified Meet for further information.

Go to the meet booking site to enter and pay for races.

You will need to login to be able to enter meets.

Please email admin ( if you have lost your login details.

Club Organiser identifies galas that swimmers are eligible for based on entry times already gathered. Some Meets don’t require an entry time (i.e. Club Championships) so all swimmers would be eligible.

Scroll down to this section. Click on Enter Now for the Meet which you wish to enter

Note that all races are ticked so identify what races are required and de-select those not wanted.

Only races eligible for entry will show up. If a race doesn’t not show up – the swimmer cannot enter.

All can be selected or deselected via the tick box at the bottom

Important to remember to check which races are in which sessions. If the swimmer will be entering all days/sessions for a Meet, this is less important. If in doubt which races to enter, speak to your squad Coach.

The cost of each race is specified as is the entry time for the swimmer (or No Time in this instance)

Once you have selected all preferred races, scroll to the bottom to enable payment. Payment is required to confirm entry.

Click on the ‘Pay with Card’ Button to complete your transaction with your credit/debit card.



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