So, could you be our next volunteer, supporting your swimmers in their chosen sport?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a swimming club. Without them there would be no sport, no national champions, no Olympic swimmers.
The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club is run by members for its members and we rely on volunteer support. We have a great team of volunteers, helping in all areas of the club. Committee, Team managers, Gala committee, Squad reps, Officials and admin support staff.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience, benefiting both the clubs and the individual. It builds upon life skills, work skills, confidence and social aspects which can be seen to be benefits for the volunteer. Volunteering is a two-way process. Individuals give up their time and skills for organizations however they do require support and recognition for their efforts.

We’re always looking for skills to strengthen the team. There are many roles you can get involved with. Parents of our younger swimmers might like to start slowly by shadowing a key role so that you can learn the ropes and decide if you’d like to take over the role when the current volunteer steps down.

Swimming Galas can only operate if there are enough poolside officials, and every time The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club enters a gala it has to provide a number of Swimming Officials in order for our swimmers to be able to compete. These officials give up their time to ensure that Swim Meets are run safely and fairly for all and that the FINA rules and regulations are adhered to by all swimmers at all times, in relation to starts, strokes, turns and timing.

Please remember, if The Borough Of Harrow Swimming gets the reputation of not providing officials to galas, then the invitations to these galas will dry up and the kids will not be able to compete.

Any time you can provide is welcome and you can give as much as you can spare. The more volunteers we have the lighter the workload for everyone.

Please contact our volunteer Coordinator Kiru Somasundram on vinammra@gmail.comm and she will point you in the right direction.



We are a competitive sport club - with our swimmers competing at all levels from local team galas to British National


Do you want to be part of Harrow Swimming Club sport experience? Feel free to contact us for more info.