Middlesex County Championship 2024

Middlesex County Championship 2024

All events have short course and long course entry qualifying times.

Competitors must have equalled or bettered the published entry consideration times on or after 1st January 2023 at an event licensed at levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 by Swim England or WASA, or Levels 1, 2 or 3 by SASA. The entry time must be registered on one of the Swim England rankings databases.Converted times are not permitted for entry. There is a Qualifying Time and a Consideration Time for entry into this competition. The achievement of the Qualifying Time will guarantee entry into the competition subject to the Promoter’s Conditions. The achievement of the Consideration Time will make the swimmer eligible for consideration as an entry into the competition subject to the Promoter’s Conditions. The achievement of the Consideration Time does not guarantee entry into the competition. Consideration entries will be managed to achieve an optimal number of competitors for the meet.

View Acceptance and Rejections Entries

Unfortunately, due to the very high number of entries, Middlesex County had to scratch a large number of entries. This has been done in accordance with the conditions on the County’s website.

As a gesture of goodwill, where swimmers have been scratched from all bar one of their events, the County is prepared to accept withdrawal from that one event and will refund the entry fee.  However, if swimmers have been accepted for two or more events, then no refunds for withdrawals (other than for medical reasons with the requisite proof) will be made.

County Champs 2024 Consideration Qualifying times

MCASA-2024 County Champs Conditions

Schedule of Events

Saturday 27 January 

London Aquatic Centre

  Sunday 28 January

London Aquatic Centre

Session 1   Session 3
1 Female 200 IM 31 Open/Male 200 IM
2 Open/Male 50 Breaststroke 32 Female 50 Breaststroke
3 Female 50 Backstroke 33 Open/Male 50 Backstroke
4 Open/Male 400 Free 34 Female 400 Free
1F Female 200 IM 31F Open/Male 200 IM
2F Open/Male 50 Breaststroke 32F Female 50 Breaststroke
3F Female 50 Backstroke 33F Open/Male 50 Backstroke
Session 2 Session 4
21 Female 800 Freestyle 41 Open/Male 800 Freestyle
22 Open/Male 50 Butterfly 42 Female 50 Butterfly
23 Female 50 Freestyle 43 Open/Male 50 Freestyle
24 Open/Male 200 Breaststroke 44 Female 200 Breaststroke
23F Female 50 Freestyle 43F Open/Male 50 Freestyle
22F Open/Male 50 Butterfly 42F Female 50 Butterfly


Saturday 03 February

Hillingdon Sports Centre

  Sunday 04 February

Hillingdon Sports Centre

Session 5   Session 7
51 Female 400 IM 71 Open/Male 400 IM
52 Open/Male 200 Backstroke 72 Female 200 Backstroke
53 Female 100m Freestyle 73 Open/Male 100m Freestyle
54 Open/Male 100 Breaststroke 74 Female 100 Breaststroke
55 Female 200 Butterfly 75 Male 200 Butterfly
54F Open/Male 100 Breaststroke 74F Female 100 Breaststroke
53F Female 100 Freestyle 73F Open/Male 100 Freestyle
Session 6 Session 8
61 Open/Male 1500 Freestyle 81 Female 1500 Freestyle
62 Female 100 Backstroke 82 Open Male 100 Backstroke
63 Open/Male 100 Butterfly 83 Female 100 Butterfly
64 Female 200 Freestyle 84 Open/Male 200 Freestyle
63F Open Male 100 Butterfly 83F Female 100 Butterfly
62F Female 100 Backstroke 82F Male 100 Backstroke

Please note final Session Timings for both London Aquatic Centre (LAC) and Hillingdon

LAC Events Withdrawal close Warm up Start Estimated Finals Start Estimated Finish
27th January Session 1 1-4 08:20 08:00 09:15 12:10 13:00
Session 2 21-24 13:20 13:00 14:00 17:40 18:00
28th January Session 3 31-34 08:20 08:00 09:15 12:00 12:50
Session 4 41-44 13:20 13:00 14:00 17:20 17:45
3rd February Session 5 51-55 08:20 08:00 09:00 12:40 13:15
Session 6 61-64 13:40 13:15 14:15 18:05 18:40
4th February Session 7 71-75 08:20 08:00 09:00 12:25 13:00
Session 8 81-84 13:20 13:00 14:00 17:50 18:25


There will be no printed programme available for this meet – we encourage all attendees to download and print the online programme at home prior to your arrival. A copy for each day is available for Download below:





  1. Live start lists and results will be provided during the meet in the Hy-Tek Meet Mobile app. The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores.
  2. The schedule of events is now available in Hy Tek Meet Mobile app ‘’2024 MCASA County Championships@’’


  1. Door will be open at 8AM for admittance at both LAC and Hillingdon.
  2. Admittance for the LAC will be on the canal side of the building.
  3. Entry for spectators will be £10.00 per day regardless of number of sessions or arrival/departure time. Entry to spectate the meet shall be free-of-charge for all children (15 years old and younger)
  4. Seating on poolside at Hillingdon is mainly reserved for swimmers and their coaches with the exception of the block of seating on the furthest end by the display screen.


  1. For parking at the LAC: Nearest Car Park is at Westfield in Car Park B which costs approx £9.50 p/day. Swimmers and parents are asked not to park at the LAC, where parking spaces are very limited and the centre request that they be left for use for their daily patrons. Sat Nav for the Car Park is E15 2EE.
  2. For parking at Hillingdon, Customers would need to pay for 4 hours then top this up before it expires. Machines takes cash and card. Please note that Hillingdon Leisure Centre is a cash free site.



Feb 04 - 12 2024

Cost per Event

£10.00 per event (£16.00 for 800m and 1500m)




London Aquatic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2AQ

Second Week Location

Hillingdon Sports Centre
Gatting Way, Uxbridge, UB8 1ES

Leading Coach

Daniel Andrawos
Daniel Andrawos

Head Coach

Supporting Coaches

Aram Eidipour
Aram Eidipour
Callum Hill
Callum Hill
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