7 February 2024

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club participated in and competed at the Middlesex County Meet, held over 2 weekends at the renowned London Aquatics Centre on January 27th-28th and the Hillingdon Leisure Centre on February 3rd-4th February. This event saw the participation of clubs from across Middlesex County, featuring races spanning various distances and strokes, including the 50s, 100s, and 200s in each stroke, along with long-distance events such as the 1500m, 800m, and 400m.

A commendable total of 21 swimmers from Harrow achieved qualifying times for these weekends of intense competition, culminating in an exceptional haul of 18 medals.

Congratulations to all the participants:

Cosmin Iojan, Mia Garner, Owen Roberts, Louis Waissman, Gert Zeqiri, Razvan Lembac, Laura Leksander, Alice Sharrock, Mina Safahe, Hannah Barrios, Krish Bhudia, Crina Stefania Bostan, Alex Drdol, Polina Fedorov, Mikhail Fedorov, Mascen Roberts, Wiktor Brejnak, Dragos Musteate, Gabriel Rebelo, Dylan Roberts, and Petros Soteriou.

A special mention goes to Mia Garner, who not only qualified for every event but also competed in each one—a remarkable feat at such a challenging meet. It serves as a testament to the dedication and effort required to excel in this sport.

Additionally, congratulations are in order for our medal winners:

Mia Garner (13 age group):

  • GOLD: 200m breaststroke (3:02.46)
  • GOLD: 100m backstroke (1:11.84)
  • SILVER: 50m backstroke (33.31)
  • GOLD: 200m backstroke (2:32.69)
  • GOLD: 200m individual medley (2:32.14)
  • BRONZE: 400m freestyle (5:04.03)
  • GOLD: 400m individual medley (5:45.00)
  • BRONZE: 50m butterfly (32.35)

Owen Roberts (16 age group):

  • SILVER: 50m freestyle (26.20)
  • SILVER: 200m backstroke (2:25.77)
  • SILVER: 100m freestyle (55.53)

Alice Sharrock (14 age group):

  • SILVER: 50m freestyle (28.99)
  • SILVER: 50m backstroke (32.60)

Louis Waissman (15 age group):

  • SILVER: 200m backstroke (2:30.37)
  • SILVER: 100m backstroke (1:08.41)

Gert Zeqiri (14 age group):

  • BRONZE: 100m freestyle (1:00.02)
  • BRONZE: 50m freestyle (27.62)

Wiktor Brejnak (18 age group):

  • BRONZE: 100m breaststroke (1:11.01)

A well-deserved “Well done” to all participants, coaches, and support volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Your achievements at the Middlesex County Meet are a testament to your commitment and talent. Keep up the fantastic work!

Daniel Andrawos

Head Coach



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